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It's a hot summer night in Knothole, Sonic is lying in his bed, but can not sleep because of the heat.

- Whoa! Sure is hot! It's impossible to sleep! Then, he raises of the bed and start to walking in circles, when he got an idea
- This is it! I go to take a bath in the to refresh myself and try to sleep!
And then he goes. Some minutes later, he hears noises and steps in the forest
- Who is there?
- Its me, Sally! Sonic, its you?
- Sally... he says surprised, what are you doing here?
- I can ask the same, what are you doing in the river at this time, mister?

He answer :
- Its very hot to sleep, i can't stay in my bed anymore!
- Sure its hot today! I decide to have a little walk, then i see this light in the way of the river, and came to see what is this!
- Humm! He says with a smile.
- How is the water? Looks very cold! She asks.
- No ! It's great, come here and refresh yourself!
- Okay... it will be good have some refresh...
And Sally enter in water, they start play each other, throwing water. They played for some minutes, and then, she says:
- Oh my, i never see a night with so many stars like this, and the moon today is so beaultiful!
- This true! He say and start to approaches to Sally!
In this moment, their lips are next each other and she become embarassed.
- Don't be shy. He say and lifted her head slowly!
- We are about to ...
- Kiss? What is the problem? Sonic says holding the beaultiful squirrel girl by her waist and give one warm kiss in Sally, who not resist and accept the kiss. He takes she in lap and they lies in a big rock. For long minutes they kiss and snuggle each other. Sonic was prepared to go when…
- No, please! She says with a trembling and scared voice
- Forgive Me… I did not want to go so far...
- Don't need to excuse, both of us lose the control!
He helps Sally to get up and then they goes to their homes…
And in Sonic's House:
- Sonic, you sucks! Looks what you was about to made… he thinks putting his hands into the face… Now Sally never will look at me again! He almost starts to cry...
Meanwhile, in Sally's House…
- I can't believe you made this! The image of Sally in a mirror says and she looks, scared!.
- I made what? I think i becoming crazy!
- You are not! I am your concience! You did not want to give your body and soul to Sonic… now he is very sad and is your fault! Why you lie for yourself, Sally? Admit, You love he!
- But…
- But nothing! Go and fix what you made!
In this moment, the image of Sally disappears of the mirror, she seats in the bed and it starts to cry – Oh my god, what I duppose to do? I am ready for this?
- Sally, only you can answers this. Nicole says
- Be quiet Nicole! She says angry, but with the eyes full of tears
- Calm down, Sally! This is time to sleep. Cool your head, and tomorrow you decide this with Sonic!
- Nicole, excuse me! I did not want to be angry with you
- No problem, Sally! Now take some rest!
- Okay, good night then! And she sleeps
In the other day:
- Nicole I had an idea!
- An idea?
- I Will Just wait 3 days to see If Sonic come to see me... or I Will GO after him!
- You think this Will work ? Ask Nicole
- I don't know... but i Will try
- Do what your heart is telling, Sally!
- It's exactly what i Will do!
After 3 days:
- Passed 3 days since i see Sally the last time! Maybe she is angry with me! Sonic says with sadness in his eyes – I act like stupid that Day, she have her reasons to become angry.
After some hours, the night comes, and in Sally's house:
- I miss Sonic so much... What he was doing all this time? Well, the 3 days period is over, I will go to his home!  
And Sally goes to the Hedgehog house:
- Sonic are you at home?
He hears the sweet voice of Sally and runs to answer the door
- Sally, what a surprise! is very good to see you! Please come in
he says with bright eyes
- I thought you were angry with me because of what happened that day
says he embarrassed
- No, I thought you were mad at me because of that day
- Of course not! he says going in the bed direction
- You going to sleep? she asks, then I will go away already
- No! It's too early ... and sonic sits on the bed
Sally also sits on the bed and stares sheepishly at Sonic
- I wish you would forgive me for that day, she says
- Do not worry about it now, he says smiling already
She approaches slowly and Sonic snuggles his face, he also reciprocate this
- I miss you badly, she says close to him, and she begins to caress the body of the hedgehog
- What are you doing? he asked whispering
- Nothing that you do not want.
She give a warm kiss on Sonic. For long minutes, they kiss and snuggle each other. The hedgehog shivers of pleasure when Sally is kissing his body, and after a few more minutes kissing, they change the positions.

Now is he who start to kiss Sally, who also in pleasure. He is admiring the beautiful eyes of the squirrel girl, who looks like two brilliant diamonds. They continue to kiss and he slowly goes over she and their first night of love is started. Sally grabs the blanket… they are delirious with pleasure, moaning, nibbles, whispers of love and in this moment, they become one. After made love, they are sweaty. She lay her head on his chest, that makes Sonic caresses her hair.
- My goodness! This was wonderful! he responds breathlessly
- If it was a dream and I do not want to wake up ever! says Sally
- Me neither! he replies smiling
They are so tired they fall asleep due embraced ...
3:00 am
Sally wakes up thinking what happened was a dream, but she looks away and sees Sonic sleeping. She is very happy, then took the opportunity to cover his naked body with the blanket. He groaned, moves on the bed and back to sleep.
6:30 am
She wakes up again out of bed and puts her jacket and boots. She sees a notepad and a pen and writes a message to Sonic
- I loved last night! you made me the happiest woman in the world, just love you!
After writing she leaves the little note next to Sonic and leaves for home
And at home .....
- I can not believe that was Sonic, he was so caring, gentle, a real gentleman! Normaly he is always so tough! Tee hee, I'm silly! she sighs – Wow, that was fantastic! then she'll take the breakfast.
9:00 AM Sonic awakens:
- Sally?
sonic says sleepy, she was gone, but he sees a note on his side:
- I loved last night! you made me the happiest woman in the world, just love you!
He kisses the note, stretches and says
- Damn, that was a hot night! That all was really real? Yes, I think! I still feel the scent of Sally here! He says in love, picks up the pillow she was lying and hugs
- I love you my girl! now I am yours and you're mine
He rises and goes to wash
Sally meets Bunnie in her way
- Girl, I got something to tell you, Sally says
- Oh my Stars! What happened? Bunnie asks scared
- Promise me to keep a secret?
- Sally, I am or not your friend?
- My best friend
- So, tell me, or i will die in curiosity
- Okay ... here goes ... yesterday I slept with Sonic! Sally says all shy
- Ah, you slept with Sonic ... WHAT?! You slept with Sonic? Tell me everything, and not hide nothing from me!
- Low your tone! I do not want anybody to know! In the right moment, everyone will notice because I am dating Sonic.
- How beautiful! Is so romantic, a hidden date, Bunnie says sighing
She tells everything that happened. After tht, she goes to a corner meets Sonic
- Hello! he says smiling
- Hi! How do you sleep? she says timidly
- Okay, I'm a bit of pain on my waist because of yesterday, he says chuckling
She's also giggle, then the two become close and hug. She put her head on his chest
- Thank you for last night… I love you
- I love you too! Now we are only one! Sonic kisses Sally's forehead
- I want to be yours forever!
I hope you like :)
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Awe cute :3
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Nice story.
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awwww thank you =)
MarkWilder Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
:-) It was clear to understand what it meant, but the grammar was a bit off.

:XD: The story itself was rather "earthy".
66666 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
Well, there is some grammer errors (maybe spelling too), but it's a nice story.
babirox753 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Student General Artist
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I just noticed a grammer error in my comment. Oh well, no one's perfect.
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